Lock Out Tag Out

Product Description

SBN LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) enables your team to use mobile devices (phones and tablets) to generate on-site LOTO procedures for equipment safe handling, energy isolation, and job planning, e.g. specify Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other required safety equipment.

Procedures include rich media energy isolation information, e.g. photos and geo-tags. Generate shareable PDFs while on-site or retrieve by scanning an asset’s barcode.

Easily share your LOTO procedures with your team, sub-contractors, etc. Retrieve procedures using barcodes, track procedure usage for audit trail, and meet OSHA validation requirements. The solution works on or offline, and is designed such that non-technical team members can easily use the tool.

Track your operation’s LOTO compliance centrally using SBN Web Portal dashboard and reporting capabilities.


  • Customers report a 60% more efficient process for LOTO procedure generation
  • Easily sort and view all procedures centrally, generate reports, and run trend analysis real-time
  • Enhanced visibility across your operations in order to better manage risk and compliance, e.g. OSHA, ISO, NFPA, GMP, and internal regulations

How It Works

How SBN's Mobile Apps Work with the Cloud