Mobile Inspection Software

Simple But Needed builds mobile inspection software and inspection report software for iPods, iPhones and Androids.

Mobile Inspection Software

Prevention is the hallmark of a proactive, robust safety program. In order to prevent accidents and equipment failures, safety professionals perform a wide variety of field inspections. These inspections are often time consuming and inefficient. Mobile inspection software helps safety professionals manage and streamline their inspection programs.

A mobile device such as an iPad and iPhone running SBN’s mobile inspection software allows users to capture inspection results electronically in the field. This offers significant advantages over the traditional “pen and paper” approach. With inspection management software, you not only create a permanent electronic record of the inspection, but it allows you to instantly notify stakeholders of safety hazards as they are identified. This reduces the time between identifying a hazardous condition and correcting it, and by capturing the data electronically, you also eliminate unnecessary data entry back at your computer, conserving the precious resource of time.

Our Inspection Management Software Solutions

SBN’s inspection management software solution with our embedded inspection report software is a powerful tool designed to simplify and improve your organization’s inspection processes. With our solution, you can:

  • Have instant access to all your organization’s inspection checklists including inspection checklists from our extensive library or from custom checklists you create using our administrator tool
  • Use touch, type, voice, photo or video to capture information electronically in the field which can be emailed to stakeholders in real time
  • Receive email alerts for pending and overdue inspections
  • Generate standard and custom reports with using our inspection report software

Although we have designed our solution with safety in mind, our solution can be used for any inspection and auditing needs.

Learn about our inspection management software solutions.

Mobile Input Software

Input data using mobile devices

Using our powerful mobile inspection software, leverage the power of mobile devices to conduct inspections on a large scale. Inspections can capture not only text but also rich media and potentially submit the data in real-time.

Store your data in the cloud

Safeguard inspection data collected on mobile devices by storing it in the cloud. This will ensure that other applications in the company infrastructure can also potentially use the inspection data, thus enabling tight integration of internal company services.

Manage inspection data remotely

Our inspection management software enables company administrators to view collected data and apply corrections or trigger actions as necessary. Integrated inspection report functionality allows administrators to escalate or deliver data as needed.