Mobile Fire Inspection Software

Simple But Needed builds mobile inspection software and inspection report software for iPods, iPhones and Androids.

Mobile Fire Inspection Software

Fire Departments play a vital role in protecting public safety.  Fire fighters need to be able to respond quickly and effectively.  This need for efficiency holds true for the important preventive activities Fire Departments complete such as routine inspections of fire protection systems.  This helps ensure these systems will be operational when needed.  That’s where SBN’s mobile fire inspection software comes into play. SBN’s solution leverages our mobile inspection platform and allows an organization to organize, conduct, document and report their inspections all from the field.

From fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and fire alarm systems to inspections of all life safety systems, SBN’s solution can assist with fire department management and their inspection needs.  The embedded fire reporting software also simplifies an organization’s documentation and reporting needs.

How Our Fire Department Management Applications Work

An organization only needs to identify fire systems and life safety systems that require inspection.  Use our administrator tool to enter these systems into the mobile fire inspection software and customize each checklist to fit your needs. 

The mobile platform will automatically generate email reminders for pending inspections.  Then right from the field, access your inspection checklists, and as each inspection is performed, document the results on the mobile device.  This creates a permanent electronic record.  The fire reporting software can be used to automatically generate custom reports that can be sent to the appropriate stakeholders. 

Simple But Needed builds mobile fire inspection software and fire department management solutions for iPods, iPhones and Androids.

Learn how our fire reporting software works.

Input data using mobile devices

Using our powerful mobile inspection software, leverage the power of mobile devices to conduct inspections on a large scale. Inspections can capture not only text but also rich media and potentially submit the data in real-time.

Store your data in the cloud

Safeguard inspection data collected on mobile devices by storing it in the cloud. This will ensure that other applications in the company infrastructure can also potentially use the inspection data, thus enabling tight integration of internal company services.

Manage inspection data remotely

Our inspection management software enables company administrators to view collected data and apply corrections or trigger actions as necessary. Integrated inspection report functionality allows administrators to escalate or deliver data as needed.