Mobile Business Solutions by Industry

Mobile applications development has advanced greatly in the past few years.  SBN is creating leading-edge mobile solutions for use across industries.  Our mobile business solutions streamline existing processes for any activity where field work needs to be completed and documented.  With our mobile solutions, you document data right in the field, cutting out additional data transcription steps, thus saving time and becoming more efficient.  You also eliminate the opportunities for error during those additional steps and increase the speed of communication, thus becoming more effective.

Mobile Applications Development

SBN is at the frontier of mobile applications development.  SBN’s solutions allow you to schedule and assign work activities.  The workers then carry a mobile smart device into the field and are able to electronically document completed work through pictures, notes, and checklists.  Stakeholders can be notified, and program managers can monitor progress in real time.

Simple But Needed provides mobile application development and mobile business solutions for all industries.

We already have applications for several industries
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