Web Based Construction Management Software

SBN has created mobile construction apps using our construction management software.  Our robust and powerful solution has been designed to help construction managers monitor safety site-wide with the aid of mobile smart devices.  Inspectors can use checklists from SBN’s extensive library or generate custom checklists using the administrator’s desktop tool.  In the field, the inspectors can complete checklists, incorporate photos, generate exception reports and notify construction managers of safety issues on the site.

How Our Mobile Construction Apps Help

Construction managers can schedule work activities and assign these work activities electronically to their crew.  They can then monitor the progress of these activities in real time.  They can also be notified instantly via an electronic record of any safety problems.  Because workers can use portable devices like iPhones, it is easy for your entire construction crew to assist in the site’s safety efforts.  Our solutions can also be configured to document and record tool box safety meetings.

Simple But Needed builds web based construction management software for iPods, iPhones and Androids.
Simple But Needed builds construction manager software for iPods, iPhones and Androids.
Without construction management software, your business may be at risk of missing efficiency, productivity and compliance targets.
Simple But Needed builds web based construction management software that mitigates the risk of missing efficiency, productivity or compliance targets.

Pain Points

  • Tracking equipment and materials on-site
  • Quickly and easily locating build team
  • Lone worker safety support challenging
  • Compliance inspections costly, e.g. OSHA
  • Records are paper-based and inconsistent


  • Minimize construction costs related to poor inventory data
  • Drastically improve communication between field and office
  • Enhanced safety support for injured lone workers
  • Avoid compliance penalties through improved inspections
  • Lower operation and training costs

SBN Solution

  • Real-time tracking of materials & equipment in use
  • Geo-location, barcode or RFID tracking of team or items in field
  • Automated emergency protocols for injured workers
  • Capture formatted data, photos, video, notes, e-signatures
  • Extensive built-in checklist library, e.g. OSHA, NIOSH, FEMA
  • Create hot work permits, material orders, etc while on-site


  • 1 in 5 workplace deaths are in the construction industry
  • Falls are the cause of 36.9% of total construction deaths
  • The average fine for a single OSHA violation is $900
  • In 2010, OSHA replaced their previous program with the new ‘Severe Violator Enforcement Program’ to target “employers that have demonstrated recalcitrance or indifference to their OSHA obligations
  • OSHA can fine a company up to $7,000 per person exposed to a ‘Serious Violation’ and up to $70,000 per person exposed to a ‘Willful Violation’