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Mobile Hospital Management Software

Maintaining a hospital or healthcare facility requires a lot of diligence and attention. A significant amount of effort and staff is needed to make sure internal and external building systems are properly inspected, cleaned, repaired and maintained. SBN’s mobile hospital management software is designed to help organization’s achieve this goal.

Traditional healthcare management software and hospital software solutions don’t include the mobile interface where field workers are documenting the actions that they are taking to help ensure the facility is properly maintained. This introduces inefficiencies into the process, and as a result it consumes more resources than needed and program managers don’t have real-time visibility over their programs.

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SBN is a developer of mobile software. We have created mobile hospital management software to address the gap with existing product offerings. Our healthcare management software is all about identifying what elements of your facility need to be inspected and maintained, creating customer checklists for the inspections or maintenance activities and then using a mobile device to document the activities as they occur in real time. Our hospital software solutions also allow activities to be scheduled to help an organization stay on track.

Without healthcare management software, your business may be at risk of missing efficiency, productivity and compliance targets.

Pain Points

  • Accurately identifying patients in non-hospital or clinic setting
  • Retrieving patient health record remotely
  • Capturing rich and comprehensive health data in the field
  • Tracking patient reaction to treatment
  • Non-standard or inconsistent data makes trend analysis difficult
  • Paper-based data collection is manually intensive & error prone

SBN Solution

  • Patient identification using barcode or RFID
  • Point-of-care access to treatment history on-site
  • Built-in checklists for standardized health data capture
  • Capture formatted data, photos, video, notes, e-signatures
  • Real-time patient information exchange with central facilities
  • HIPAA compliant, secure and scalable


  • Mobile technology allows for real-time patient identification
  • Drastically improve the quality of data in existing medical record
  • Richer data allows for better diagnosis and trend analysis
  • Ease of use lowers operations and training costs
  • Standardized checklists improve health data integrity
  • iOS and Android powerful telemedicine platform