Law Enforcement

Mobile Law Enforcement Software Solutions

SBN has created mobile law enforcement software designed to simplify routine field activities like issuing citations.  Law enforcement staff working in the field can have access to police report writing software that allows them to electronically document information about individuals, insurance information, and the incident.  Officers can even capture their signature and photos which can be incorporated into the citation and subsequent incident report saving the officer valuable time.

Our Police Report Writing and Database Software

Officers no longer need to write up extensive reports back at their computers when they have left the field.  SBN’s law enforcement software solutions can be configured to auto-generate incident reports in the field as officers enter information about the incident electronically on a mobile device.  This activity does not need to be done back at the computer any longer.  This gives officer more time to work in the field.

Simple But Needed provides mobile law enforcement software solutions and police report writing software for Androids, iPods, and iPhones.
Learn about our police database software solutions.