Manufacturing Solutions

Mobile Manufacturing Inventory Software

SBN has created mobile manufacturing inventory software that will increase a manufacturing organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.  Manufacturing organizations can’t operate without inventory.  SBN’s solution is a powerful solution that enables an organization to capture information about inventory in the field in real time using our solution and an iPhone, iPads and other device.  Our manufacturing management software also allows an organization to electronically document any and all field inspections they may complete.

Our Manufacturing Software Solutions

Our manufacturing software solutions work on mobile devices and allow an organization to monitor inventories and document field inspections which help monitor the safety of a manufacturing facility.  This manufacturing management software lets an organization identify inventory to monitor as well as inspections that need to be completed.  Work can then be scheduled, and users can head into the field and electronically document inventory reconciliations or the inspections.  Because the information is documented electronically, information can be instantly communicated to stakeholders and database tracking systems can be updated. 

Simple But Needed builds mobile manufacturing inventory software for Androids, iPods, and iPhones.
We also build mobile manufacturing management software for Androids, iPods, and iPhones.

Pain Points

  • Tracking materials from system entry-to-exit
  • Quickly and easily locating production team
  • Worker safety support risks
  • Compliance inspections costly, e.g. OSHA
  • Accurate updates between plant and office
  • Records are paper-based and inconsistent

SBN Solution

  • Mobile technology for real-time tracking of materials in use
  • Geo-location, barcode or RFID tracking of team or items in field
  • Automated emergency protocols for injured workers
  • Capture formatted data, photos, video, notes, e-signatures
  • Extensive built-in checklist library, e.g. OSHA, NIOSH, FEMA
  • Create custom checklists for Behavior-Based Safety programs


  • Minimize production costs related to poor inventory data
  • Drastically improve communication between field and office
  • Enhanced safety support for injured lone workers
  • Avoid compliance penalties through improved inspections
  • Lower operations and training costs