Regulatory Compliance Software

Simple But Needed builds regulatory compliance software for iPods, iPhones and Androids.

Mobile Regulatory Compliance Software

Managing regulatory compliance is challenging.  OSHA alone has numerous inspection requirements with varying frequencies.  EPA, state and local municipalities will have additional regulatory requirements.  SBN has developed mobile regulatory compliance software to help organizations comply with the volume of regulatory requirements.

At SBN, we have regulatory compliance solutions driven by our mobile regulatory software compliance tools that allow staff to electronically document inspection activities from the field which offers numerous advantages over traditional pen and paper methods.  Our solutions have been designed to help organizations comply with regulatory requirements that have a field verification component.

Regulatory Compliance Solutions & Applications

With our mobile compliance applications, users can create custom inspection checklists designed to demonstrate compliance with OSHA and other governmental requirements.  Users can set inspection frequencies, schedule inspection activities and monitor the progress of inspections.  The inspectors themselves can pull up any inspection checklist from the field (regardless of WiFi availability), document the inspection activity, incorporate and edit photos and create exception reports to document safety deficiencies. 

SBN’s regulatory compliance solutions also help by prompting users to complete required inspections on time.  Once configured, email reminders can be sent to users so they can complete inspections that are due.  The administrator’s tool also allows a program manager to monitor progress of inspections in real time.

Simple But Needed builds mobile regulatory compliance software and applications for iPods, iPhones and Androids.

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Input data using mobile devices

Using our powerful mobile inspection software, leverage the power of mobile devices to conduct inspections on a large scale. Inspections can capture not only text but also rich media and potentially submit the data in real-time.

Store your data in the cloud

Safeguard inspection data collected on mobile devices by storing it in the cloud. This will ensure that other applications in the company infrastructure can also potentially use the inspection data, thus enabling tight integration of internal company services.

Manage inspection data remotely

Our inspection management software enables company administrators to view collected data and apply corrections or trigger actions as necessary. Integrated inspection report functionality allows administrators to escalate or deliver data as needed.