At Simple But Needed, we believe the best idea wins.

That means we’re always listening to our clients and our team to come up with better ways of tackling real world issues and making a difference in the workplace. Our product suite offers a comprehensive solution to capture information anywhere, visualize it in intelligent ways, and report on it effectively.

Save time. Do more. Keep it simple.

Innovative and performant inspection and inventory software


SBN is committed to innovating new solutions. We are constantly evaluating new ways to improve your business operations and empower your workforce.

“Inspections taken to the next level and beyond.”
Joe D.
Security Analyst, Real Estate


We believe effective organizations and partnerships are all about trust. We build partnerships with the knowledge that accurate data makes your job easier and that reliability builds trust over time.

“We have, and will continue to, recommend this software to any company that needs a superior inspection or inventory control solution.”
Brian E.
Director of Safety Technology, Insurance

Powerful, easy to use software, ready to help you change the world.


The world grows bigger every day. We’re constantly collecting and assembling the puzzle pieces so you can look at the larger picture and make the changes that matter most.

“Hundreds of public sector entities across the State of California, ranging from cities, schools, public libraries, transit systems, water districts, and correctional facilities leverage the SBN platform.”

Save Time. Do More. Keep it Simple.

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