Cutting-edge Teams Use SBN Software to Drive Improvements in Key Areas

Streamline your operations with SBN Software and save time while doing more.

Lockout Tagout Procedures

Lockout-Tagout, or LOTO, is often complicated, with crucial steps that have a direct impact on workplace safety and productivity.

With SBN Software, you can streamline the LOTO process, focus on what’s important.

Chemical Asset Reconciliations

Make chemical inventory tracking and reconciliation a breeze.

Safety Walkthroughs

Drive more detailed insights into safety procedure and on the ground working conditions.

Build a re-usable Gemba walk checklist, schedule regular jobsite walkthroughs and note workplace conditions in a structured and focused manner – all in one place.

Ergonomic Self Evaluations

Identify risks before they manifest and isolate corrective actions .


Save time while covering all your documentation needs.

Confined Space

Capture rich data and help prevent hazards before they even develop.

Safety Observations (GEMBA)

Drive more detailed insights into safety procedure on the ground.

Incident Tracking

Report incidents with rich data capture – instantly, out in the field.

Near Miss

Improve near miss reports and workplace safety in one fell swoop.

OSHA 300

Reduce the time needed to report injuries, improve data captured.

Hot Work

Improve documentation, generate hot work permits on the fly.

Facility Asset Tracking

Gain better insight on assets, track corrective actions all in one place.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Track fire extinguishers with an accurate inspection log.

Fire Alarm Inspections

Keep critical safety components up to date, improve data capture.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Maintain and improve your fire sprinkler inspection process.

Save Time. Do More. Keep it Simple.