EHS Software

Mobile EHS software to help solve your most pressing problems.

Our Safety Management Systems bring solutions together and make it simple: handle compliance and data management all in one place.

Regulation compliance a button click away

Utilize out of the box checklists to help tackle your OSHA, NIOSH, or FEMA compliance inspections, or build your own checklist with our easy to use web tool.

Either way, generating comprehensive PDF reports is push button easy!

Make OSHA, NIOSH or FEMA compliance a breeze with our pre-built checklists. Or, create and configure your own,

Easy solutions anywhere, anytime

Our mobile EHS software applications make intitiating inspections and assigning corrective actions executable in any job conditions.

Real time image capture and photo mark-up tools improve data reliability and quality drastically.

Capture all the EHS data you want on your device in the field, online or offline, with rich media capture and annotation out of the box. Upload when you're connected and it's convenient.

Keep it simple

Safety management systems shouldn’t be scattered across multiple platforms.

Our powerful web based solution means a single portal lets you assign inspections, execute evaluations and manage inventory all in the same breath.

EHS job site safety measures can be managed via our web tool

Compliance, Simplified

We know Environmental Health and Safety is an ever-changing landscape of limited resources and complex safety challenges; SBN’s EHS Management software helps you build new safety management systems from the ground up or level up your existing processes with minimal runway time needed to train new users.

Tackle OSHA compliance, daily safety inspections, hot work permitting, and more with simple solutions to complex problems. Our massive datastore combined with a powerful web tool create a comprehensive EHS risk management software solution that lets you move forward knowing safety and compliance needs are always a priority.

Prioritize safety

Utilizing our services helps place workplace safety front and center in company values.

Use our out of the box solutions or customize your own to handle LOTO procedures, safety walkthroughs, ergonomic evaluations and more.

Tackle a variety of environmental health and safety documentation challenges with the SBN software platform.

Speed and efficiency together

Spend effort where it matters, let us handle the rest.

SBN tools have been proven to streamline processes for up to 75% efficiency gains.

Improve the efficiency of your EH&S efforts with SBN's safety management software

Dive into the data

Our platform elimnates the need for a separate EHS data management software solution.

Our dashboards let you visualize day to day trends or you can generate reports and export CSV files to dive even deeper.

EHS Data Management Software can help make the difference between a satisfactory and an exceptional compliance environment.

Save Time. Do More. Keep it Simple.