SBN empowers teams to drive organizational safety and compliance improvements

At Simple But Needed, we believe the best idea wins.

That means we’re always listening to our clients and our team to come up with better ways of tackling real world issues and making a difference in the workplace. Our product suite offers a comprehensive solution to capture information anywhere, visualize it in intelligent ways, and report on it effectively.

Our Story

About Simple But Needed

SBN was founded in 2008 with a goal of making data capture, and life, easier for our clients. We believe in making software that is quick to implement and easy to use while still allowing for the complex data analysis demanded by modern business. Our founders hail from large enterprises such as Kaiser, Wells Fargo, and Gilead Sciences where they witnessed firsthand the problems that can arise developing and implementing software at scale.

The SBN team applied the lessons learned from implementing software used by millions of people to build out a best-in-class solution for capturing safety and compliance data. Over the years, SBN has continued to evolve and maintain a focus on being a software partner that not only helps solve pressing problems for our clients but also listens to our clients and provides them a world-class experience.

Our Culture

SBN’s team hails from around the world – bringing to the table a diversity of ideas and experiences that have helped us build useful, universal software. Our team is agile, remote-first, and motivated to deliver on innovative and powerful ideas. We believe in making life better for everyone and are committed to creating software that helps us, and you, achieve that mission.

Our Values


SBN is committed to innovating new solutions. We are constantly evaluating new ways to improve your business operations and empower your workforce.


We believe effective organizations and partnerships are all about trust. We build partnerships with the knowledge that accurate data makes your job easier and that reliability builds trust over time.


The world grows bigger every day. We’re constantly collecting and assembling the puzzle pieces so you can look at the larger picture and make the changes that matter most.

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