Laboratory Software

Level up your existing practices.

Never distrust ledgers again! Make reliability a priority and let us handle the rest.

Ramp up quickly

SBN is quick to configure and deploy. Our straightforward approach to software makes it easy to get large teams up and running quickly.

Our web and mobile applications are designed to be easy to use and require minimal training while still providing robust capability for advanced users.

Quickly configure and deploy software for inspections and inventory for laboratories.

Save Time, Build Efficiency

Reconcile entire rooms worth of chemicals in minutes with easy barcode scanning capability.

Need to add a new asset? Feel free to start by cloning an old identical one and tweak specifics as needed.

Scan chemical inventory barcodes from your device camera to quickly add or clone assets.

Do things your way

We know your industry is complex and constantly evolving.

Link easily to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or build your own custom asset profiles with only the specific data you want to track.

Customize chemical inventory templates with specific fields or select from our library of pre-built templates.

Planning For Everything

We know there are so many small details that go into running a laboratory efficiently, that’s why we built our laboratory management software to save you time and resources handling the little details so you can focus more on the big picture.

Need to do a laboratory safety inspection? Inspecting a laboratory with a tablet and generating lab reports automatically after filing has never been easier. Let us show you how our chemical inventory software can turn hours of work into minutes.

Easy solutions anywhere, anytime

Our mobile applications give you everything you need to execute reconciliations, manage lab inventory, and assign corrective actions–even without an internet connection.

Capture images and create follow-up remediation actions on the spot to streamline your workflow.

Capture and annotate photos while documenting assets to add crucial detail and enhance reporting.

Reports a button click away

Need to generate statistics in real-time on inventory status? We’ve got you covered.

SBN reporting allows you to export everything from PDF’s to CSV’s and generate automated emails to save you time and effort where it matters most.

Generate reports on chemical inventory with a single click, straight to your inbox.

Advanced Analytics

Our reporting software allows you to easily generate reports and dashboard on almost any piece of data in SBN.

Customize dashboards and automate reports so you can tailor reports to the information that matters most.

View chemical asset data in dashboards and reports, generated on the fly.

Save Time. Do More. Keep it Simple.