Construction Inspection Software

Upgrade critical operations and processes.

We’ve got you covered from record keeping to improving workplace safety and everything in between.

Easy Solutions Anywhere, Anytime

Our mobile applications allow you to bring everything you need to initiate inspections and assign corrective actions with you into the field.

Real time image capture and photo mark-up tools let you get granular without having to return to the office.

Flexible Job Site Management

No more juggling various logins and passwords to handle cross-department tasks.

Our powerful web tool lets you assign inspections, execute evaluations and manage inventory all in one place.

Make 3rd Party Compliance A Breeze

Choose from any of our pre-built checklists to help tackle your OSHA, NIOSH, or FEMA compliance inspections, or build your own checklist to tackle all three.

Generate PDF reports at the push of a button!

Near Miss reporting made simple

Documentation Done Right

Maintaining a culture of safety and accountability across multiple job sites can be a huge challenge. That’s why SBN built our safety software for construction with everything in mind.

Looking for an easier way to generate a hot work permit form? Need help with your OSHA compliance checklists? Looking for a better punchlist management solution? SBN’s powerful web tool can help you solve all these problems in one place, without juggling various login information for multiple sites.

Record keeping, lockout tagout procedures, and help information all live in one tool so you don’t have to run around pulling all these things together–we’ve done it for you!

Make Workplace Safety easy

Utilizing our services helps place workplace safety front and center in company values.

Use our out of the box solutions or customizable tools to handle LOTO procedures, safety walkthroughs, ergonomic evaluations and more.

Lockout Tagout reporting made simple

Improve Efficiency

Spend effort where it matters, let us handle the rest.

SBN tools have been proven to streamline processes for up to 75% efficiency gains.

View data in dashboards and reports, generated on the fly

Data Your Way

Dashboards let you drive insights into eliminating real world pain points.

Generate reports, graph results, or export CSV files to get even more granular.

OSHA 300 reporting made simple

Save Time. Do More. Keep it Simple.