Gemba Walk

Drive more detailed insights into safety procedure and on the ground working conditions
with our Gemba safety walk and safety observation software solutions.

Improve safety observations overnight. Build a re-usable Gemba walk checklist, schedule regular jobsite walkthroughs and note workplace conditions in a structured and focused manner all in once place with Gemba software solutions built specifically for you. Follow up with KPI metrics so setting goals and tracking improvements is easy.

Works anywhere

At SBN, we know a Gemba walk app would be useless without the ability to function anywhere. So we designed our solutions to work both online and offline.

Capture data in real time during your walkthrough, upload reports and analyze larger data trends once you’re back in the office.

File GEMBA cases in the field from your mobile device

Insights on the ground

A safety gemba walk is all about observations made by someone present and in the moment, we believe the data in your reports should refelct that.

Capture photos, dates, times, and any information you can dream up on site in real time, draw a diagram or mark-up photos to get even more granular with your observations.

Capture and annotate photos while doing a Gemba safety walk

Exhaustive reports in seconds

Generate one-off PDF reports with the push of a button or compile comprehensive jobsite data with our powerful web tool and generate larger, more complex reports with ease.

We’ve also built in CSV file exports for those who love to dive into the data on their own.

GEMBA reports can be generated on the fly

Gemba originally comes from the the Japanese word “Gembutsu” or “the real place.” In terms of safety walkthroughs, Gemba is the act of walking through the job site or workplace where the real work is taking place and making focused observations towards improving safety processes. Rather than looking only at anecdotal evidence, our Gemba software solutions help you cover reporting needs while also adding a real world, human touch to keeping our workplace safe.

With SBN, safety observations management software has never been simpler to use or easier to integrate into your current processes. Our job is safety, and we view improving safety observations as just the first step towards consistent safety improvements and workplace efficieny.

Gemba Walk for Industries

Government and Public Sector Software
Government and the Public Sector

Identify and mitigate hazards before they surface into workplace slowdowns.

Environmental Health and Safety Software
Environmental Health and Safety

Drive accountability within your organization, safety observation management is the next step.

Construction Management Software

Nothing feels better than implementing safety improvements that come from observations made with boots on the ground.

Gemba Safety with Inspect+

Capture GEMBA walk data to enhance your record keeping and risk mitigation with our flexible and easy to use software.

For getting right to the heart of safety observations Inspect+ has you covered.

Click below to learn about the other record keeping and risk mitigation benefits of Inspect+ and see how you can level up your organization’s safety walk through processes.