Confined Space Permit

Generate Confined Space work permits, create retrospective reports
and improve confined space work processes with one simple tool.

We know that keeping workers safe and staying safety compliant in confined spaces is vital– that’s why we built a confined space management tool to save time while making sure all your documentation and permitting needs are covered.

Confined Space Permit PDFs instantly

Filling out a permit by hand can be tedious and error prone.

Answer questions on jobsite details on your mobile device and have a printable permit PDF e-mailed directly to you with the push of a button!

Confined Space Automatic PDF Report Generation

Custom tailored

Every organization is different, so we built our confined space space assessment software to be completely customizable.

Choose from a list of pre-built checklists or design your own to collect exactly the information you need. We support a wide variety of question types (including photos!) so incomplete data never holds your team back.

Confined Space Customizable Template

Functions Offline

Confined Space assessments could take place anywhere and you should never have to wait for an internet connection out in the field.

Our tools work both online and offline so you can complete your work wherever, then upload and send reports when you’re back at the office.

Confined Space Work Offline

Automate Accountability

Our notification suite lets you notify field operators when they’ve been assigned ownership of an issue or when a task is overdue.

Additionally, feel free to schedule jobs to be created and assigned on a regular schedule to fit your workflow.

Confined Space Scheduled Notifications

Confined space inspection can be an often stressful process, with pressure to improve documentation on tight schedules, every second counts. We’ve built our confined space management tools to eliminate pain points while increasing the reliability of data coming in from the field.

This results in a confined space assessment process that’s simple enough that even non-technical employees in the field can return data rich findings and help eliminate hazards before they even develop. Verify conditions with confined space safety photos and gain piece of mind knowing all your jobsites are covered.

Confined Space by Industry

Oil and Gas Software
Oil and Gas

Ensure worker safety at all your confined space jobs with a comprehensive solution.

Environmental Health and Safety Software
Environmental Health and Safety

Achieve confined space inventory compliance in mintues.

Construction Management Software

Find peace of mind covering all your data capture needs.

Confined Space Work with Inspect+

Capture and report confined space inspection data exactly the way you want it with the SBN software platform.

For generating Confined Space permits and mitigating on site hazards before they materialize, Inspect+ has you covered.

Click below to learn about the other record keeping and compliance benefits of Inspect+ and see how you can level up your organization’s Confined Space Work processes.