OSHA 300 Log

Regulatory compliance software built to be simple and accurate while handling all of your OSHA 300 reporting and recordkeeping needs.

Our OSHA compliance software solutions make comprehensive reporting easy. Reduce the time it takes to report injuries and illnesses while improving the quality of data captured.

Always at Your Side

Accurate reporting always starts in the field and no team member should ever be waiting for an internet connection. That’s why we build our apps to function both online and offline.

Use your mobile device to capture everything you need on site, upload inspections and send reports when you’re back on a stable network.

File OSHA 300 cases in the field, on mobile or from your computer

Data First

A comprehensive report means capturing all the data as quickly and accurately as possible. Include photos, signatures, timestamps and everything else you need with our customizable checklists.

You can even draw diagrams and mark-up photos on site, before submitting anything.

Capture all kinds of data to cover your OSHA 300 reporting needs with the SBN software platform.

Automated Reports

We know your time is valuable, that’s why PDF generation is as simple as clicking a button on any report.

Looking to dive even deeper and review year over year trends? Our custom dashboards help you visualize the data and CSV exports let you dig into the details.

Reporting OSHA 300 cases is simple with SBN Software

Stay ahead of the pack with our OSHA Compliance solutions. Our tools allow you to handle the day to day logistics of filing and submitting OSHA logs (OSHA 300, 300A, 301, etc) as well as letting you take the long view to dig into data trends and isolate ways to improve workplace safety before a report ever needs to be generated. We can help you with root cause analysis, identifying corrective actions, and assigning ownership with regulatory compliance solutions you’ve only dreamed of.

OSHA 300 Compliance for Industries

Oil and Gas Software
Oil and Gas

Use an out of the box OSHA safety inspection checklist or build your own to fit your workflow.

Construction Management Software

Compliance software built with the entire team in mind from office to jobsite.

Environmental Health and Safety Software
Environmental Health and Safety

More than just your friendly neighborhood OSHA recordkeeping software, we’ve always got safety and compliance in our DNA.

OSHA Compliance with Inspect+

Cover all your OSHA 300 inspection needs with the SBN software platform. Capture data in the field and generate detailed reports with our flexible and easy to use software.

For reporting workplace injuries and illnesses, and for generating year end reports, Inspect+ has you covered.

Click below to learn about how we can make OSHA auditing a breeze and see how you can level up your organzation’s OSHA compliance processes.