Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic assessments are often difficult and costly to complete via an outside consultant —
save time and money with in house solutions.

We know you always have your employees’ best interests at heart and ergo evaluations are often overlooked as risk is accrued over longer periods of time. Our ergonomic assessment tools and ergonomics management software helps you identify risks before they manifest and isolate corrective actions right away.

Company Wide Coverage

Achieve company-wide ergonomic health coverage with self-guided ergo assessments.

With easy to use self-evaluation tools that require little-to-no training and provide plenty of help information, team members can assess their workstations in minutes.

Desk ergonomic mobile questionnaire

Simple Next Steps

Once your team members have filled out their workstation information, everything else is done for them! Automatically generated recommendations make it easy to isolate next steps and corrective actions.

Select ergonomic recommendations from the recommendation library

Reporting made easy

Push button PDF reporting and CSV exporting make it easy for employees to communicate their corrective action needs and for you to generate quarterly ergonomic health reports.

Ergonomic assessment PDF output

Too often ergonomic health compliance is cost prohibitive: hiring a consultant is expensive so completing workstation evaluations becomes a reactive process where action is only taken after work days are lost. With our ergonomic assessment app you can get ahead of the game, saving company resources on an outside consultant and reducing work days lost to ergonomic incompatibilities. Every individual is built differently, let us help make sure they’re set up to do their best work from day one.

Ergonomic Self Evaluation for Industries

Construction Management Software

Start a job on the right foot and save time spent adjusting work schedules.

Government and Public Sector Software
Government and the Public Sector

Cover everyone in the office right off the bat, that way no one is left behind.

Laboratory Management Software

Lab work can be notoriously hard on the body, help adjust workstations and improve morale early.

Environmental Health and Safety Software
Environmental Health and Safety

Reduce work days lost to ergonomic complaints.

Ergonomic Self Evaluations and SBN Ergo

Capture and report the ergonomic data you want with the SBN software platform.

For all your Ergonomic Evaluations needs SBN Ergo has you covered; but we’re building something bigger.

Click below to learn about the other benefits of SBN Ergo and how it fits into our suite of enterprise risk management software.