LOTO Procedure Software

LOTO software that lets you build procedures efficiently and improve compliance measures iteratively.

SBN LOTO+ makes it simple to quickly generate high quality LOTO procedures and manage your LOTO compliance program. Our easy to use lockout tagout software leverages mobile and web technology to standardize procedure creation and output high quality reports.

Keep your team safe

Gain rapid coverage of equipment with easy to use LOTO procedure creation tools.

Customize your PPE to ensure your team has the gear they require to work safely.

Cover all the bases with configurable energy source and PPE options for your Lockout Tagout procedures.

Your data, your world

Configurable loto procedure templates ensure you capture data exactly how you want it.

Use a variety of question types to standardize data capture and ensure consistency across your loto procedures.

Configure LOTO procedure templates with a variety of question types to capture the data you care about.

Every Jobsite Covered

File LOTO procedures, answer questions, and record everything you need offline on your mobile device while out in the field; save everything to the server when you get a connection later.

Our content library makes sure you have everything you need in the palm of your hand before you’ve left the office.

Capture Lockout Tagout procedure data offline and upload when ready.

Perks of Using LOTO+

Whether your focus is on equipment safe handling, energy isolation, job planning, or any other industry standard Lockout-Tagout procedures, we can help make the process a breeze. Our easily customizable suite makes it so you can specify PPE, outline OSHA validation requirements and track usage information all in one unified source of loto safety information.

Our tools are specifically designed to be intuitive and require minimal training so even non-technical team members can be out in the field, capturing media rich information in no time. Back in the office, our easy to use web portal makes lockout tagout auditing and record keeping a no sweat process with push button PDF generation, CSV export capability and a powerful dashboard suite that lets you visualize data however you like.

enterprise risk management software

Build dashboards to gain quick insight into data

tag out clone

Clone pre-existing procedures to use as a base for new procedure creation

loto procedure template

Embed images directly into procedures to call out specific isolation points

loto permit form permissions

Control which users have the ability to create and verify procedures

tag in tag out

Receive automated notifications when procedures need to be reviewed

lockout/tagout software

Generate high quality, professional PDF exports to share across your organization

lockout tagout procedure software

CSV exports give you the power to slice and dice data your way

lockout tagout auditing

Perform annual verifications to document compliance with regulation

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