Powerful software to take compliance to the next level

Streamline your operations with SBN Software and save time while doing more.

Product Suite


Drive more detailed insights with customizable checklists and proactive issue tracking.

Asset Management

Improve documentation with powerful scanning and reconciliation features.

Engage / Ergonomics

Identify risks before they manifest and isolate corrective actions.

Process / LOTO

Streamline the LOTO process and boost workplace productivity.

Some Use Cases:



From a mobile device, online or offline, or from your computer’s web browser

Capture data in the field or at the office with custom help information to guide you along the way. Embody thoroughness by adding rich data to provide context where needed.

  • Capture photos
  • Search records
  • Online/Offline
  • Save drafts
  • Help information
  • Task Notifications


From your computer’s web browser

Gain insight and leverage powerful customization and querying capabilities to hone your process. Control access, schedule follow-ups and more, all from your web browser.

  • Access control
  • Advanced search
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Data dashboards
  • Custom records
  • Custom fields


From a mobile device or from your computer’s web browser

Generate reports at the push of a button, straight to your email inbox. Choose from PDF, CSV and email reports.

  • PDF reports
  • Straight to your inbox
  • CSV reports
  • Custom querying
  • Email reports
  • Push button generation

Own your Safety Process

Save Time. Do More. Keep it Simple.