Ergonomic Software

Drive efficient ergonomic evaluations and own workplace solutions with ergonomic assessment tools built to fit your needs.

With SBN Ergo, you can execute ergonomic evaluations, track ergonomic improvements, and minimize workplace risk all in one place. We know it can be difficult to identify and mitigate ergonomic risks in the workplace; that’s why we built SBN Ergo to be an easy, simple to use tool that any non-technical employee can be trained to use in minutes.

Cut down on work days lost and ensure OSHA compliance with our full coverage solution: complete inspections on the go with our iOS and Android compatible ergonomic assessment apps, then track solutions and resolutions from the comfort of the office with ergonomic analysis reports.

Work Online and Offline

iOS and Android mobile applications allow you the opportunity to conduct evaluations on the go– even without an internet connection.

Capture photos to document workstation setup and enhance reports.

Capture ergonomic evaluations offline

Customize Evaluations

Offices, warehouses, construction sites and everything in between.

Fully customizable templates let you cater your evaluations to exactly the workplace risks most common in your industry.

Customize your evaluation templates and capture even more precise information for your ergonomic needs.

Better Data, More Control

Our powerful web tool allows you and your compliance leads to track open action items and get issues resolved faster.

Generate PDF reports at the push of a button.

Leverage our powerful dashboards and one-click reporting system to take your ergonomic compliance to the next level.

Advantages of Ergonomics with SBN

Implementing ergonomic improvements can help reduce worker injuries and the cost of worker’s compensation. It can also enable your employees to work with less discomfort, leading to increases in efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction. Most importantly, it shows your employees you value them and care about their well-being.

The SBN Ergonomic assessment tools allow anyone to conduct ergonomic assessments with confidence. Our ergonomic assessment software guides you through ergonomic evaluations, provides reporting in real-time and, with the help of your mobile device, puts expert assistance in the palm of your hand.

Wide varieties of question types allow you to collect data in the format most useful to you

Automatically generated recommendations make it easy to isolate next steps

Automated reminders on recommended fixes help ensure nothing gets missed

Guided employee self-assessments extend the coverage of your ergonomic program and surface critical issues

Leverage content created by ergonomic experts to take your evaluation program to the next level

Custom dashboards provide insights into key ergonomic program activities

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