Oil and Gas Software

Modernize your safety and accountability processes with SBN’s Oil and Gas safety software.

Don’t lose valuable resources on permitting, reporting and compliance needs, streamline oil and gas documents with our safety management software suite.

One stop shop to job site management

Don’t lose efficiency leaping back and forth between different accountability systems.

Our powerful web tool lets you assign inspections, document compliance and manage inventory all in one place.

Manage oil and gas job sites with a single tool for data capture and action

Field proven

Our mobile applications allow you to bring everything you need to initiate inspections and assign corrective actions with you into the field.

Real time image capture and photo mark-up tools drastically improve the quality of data captured on site.

Capture and annotate photos while documenting oil and gas sites for compliance.

Make 3rd party compliance a breeze

Our Oil and Gas compliance software includes OSHA, NIOSH, or FEMA compliant checklists.

If you’re handling multiple regulatory groups, you can build your own checklist to tackle all three!

Choose checklists and efficiently document compliance efforts for your oil and gas sites via our web tool.

Oil & Gas Compliance, Simplified

We know site safety and compliance demands can be overwhelming at times, that’s why we’re building our Oil and Gas Software to help mitigate the potential resource drains of making Oil and Gas safety an integral part of your organization’s values.

A well oiled machine is one where all the parts work together in harmony. Don’t waste time moving from your LOTO Procedure software to your Asset Inventory software and then back into your personal records for confined space permit data. We can handle all of that scheduling and more in a unified solution to get you back on track and focusing your attention on the bigger issues.

Make workplace safety easy

Utilizing our Oil and Gas safety software helps place workplace safety front and center in company values.

In a world where documentation and accountability are lightweight processes, trust and safety naturally become a part of your organization’s identity.

Manage a variety of compliance efforts for oil and gas sites with our software solutions.

Improve Efficiency

Spend effort where it matters, let us handle the rest.

Streamline processes for up to 75% efficiency gains, generate PDF reports for key stakeholders instantly.

View oil and gas compliance data in detailed dashboards. Generate reports on the fly, straight to your inbox

Reliable data now

Build real time dashboards to visualize job specific data or organization wide trends.

Take a deeper dive by exporting raw CSV data or generating reports in a variety of formats.

Reporting and dashboards offer valuable insight on oil and gas site safety issues and compliance efforts.

Save Time. Do More. Keep it Simple.