Safety Inspection

Drive more detailed insights into safety procedure and on the ground
working conditions with our daily safety walkthrough solutions.

Creating a culture built around safety isn’t always easy. That’s why we built our compliance walkthrough software to help you set a strong foundation, with a system that gives you everything you need to step on the job site and start making observations that matter.

Boots on the Ground

The key to a successful safety walkthrough is capturing information in the moment. At SBN we know that jobsites aren’t always set up with solid internet connections so we built a tool that works both online and offline.

Now you can gather all the information you need in the field, and save everything online later when you’ve got a good connection.

Daily Safety Walkthrough File Anywhere

Data rich first pass

Capture photos, signatures, written statements, and anything else you need while you’re at the jobsite.

You can even draw diagrams or mark-up photos taken to enrich the quality of data collected for the folks back in the office.

Capture and annotate photos during your daily safety inspections. Draw diagrams if needed or add signatures to corroborate your findings, all in the field.

Reports at your fingertips

We know reporting and accountability are a huge part of any safety related operations. At SBN we built our tools to generate PDF reports instantly at the push of a button.

For larger data analysis needs, we provide CSV export functionality and a powerful web interface to help you sort and visualize data with ease.

Daily Safety Walkthrough Reporting Efficiently

A safety first culture depends on the ability to identify and mitigate potential hazards before they become compliance and productivity disasters. Schedule walkthroughs, set-up notifications and reminders, and note workplace conditions in a structured and focused manner to improve safety observations. Follow up by assigning ownership and due dates to corrective actions.

At SBN we’re building safety observation tracking software that goes above and beyond to remove barriers to executing corrective actions so setting goals and tracking improvements has never been easier.

Safety Inspections for Industries

Government and Public Sector Software
Government and the Public Sector

Help make safety improvements a priority for everyone.

Environmental Health and Safety Software
Environmental Health and Safety

Drive accountability and ensure safety compliance measures are met in a timely manner.

Construction Management Software

Construction safety observation software that goes above and beyond towards improving work conditions.

Daily Safety Walkthroughs with Inspect+

Document and report on your daily safety walkthroughs with the flexible and easy to use SBN software platform. Enhance your coverage and gain peace of mind with offline data capture and push button reporting.

For improving outcomes of daily safety walkthroughs, Inspect+ has you covered.

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