Lock Out Tag Out Procedure

Lockout-Tagout, or LOTO, is a crucial part of any company’s safety processes;
let us help you make executing LOTO procedures more lightweight and reliable.

Executing LOTO procedures is an often complicated process with crucial steps that have a direct impact on workplace safety and productivity. Let us help you make things simpler with lockout tagout procedure software that streamlines the process without losing track of the details that make the work so important.

Simple, Reliable Reporting

We know how valuable reporting is to lockout tagout software. Here at SBN we view push button PDF generation as table stakes.

We take that foundation several steps forward as our powerful backend LOTO software provides CSV exporting and dashboards to visualize data trends with ease.

Lockout Tagout reporting made simple

Modern time saving solutions

Need to start a new procedure? Feel free to start by cloning an old one and tweak specifics as needed.

Our procedure cloning solution reduces button clicks, allowing you to spend more time focused on the details that are most important.

Lockout Tagout workflows can be streamlined. Clone procedures on the fly or review and verify them when convenient

Always functional, never blocked

LOTO procedures are executed in all types of jobsites, regardless of data connection.

That’s why we built our lockout app to work on both iOS and Android devices online and offline, so you can perform entire procedures offline in the field, save data and conduct larger analysis trends back in the office when you have a data connection.

Capture Lockout Tagout Procedure information online or offline. Verify procedures or submit new ones only when you're online and it's convenient.

LOTO procedures are complex and often require steps to be executed in a specific order to be done effectively. With our LOTO procedure templates, we bring supporting help information, execution steps, and reporting all in one place so workers don’t have to go back and forth between instruction booklets, reporting clipboards, and machinery to get the job done.

Our goal is to eliminate the confusion around this process while still making sure every step is covered so accountability, safety, and documentation are all a part of the fabric of your organization on day one and you never have to worry about LOTO auditing again.

LOTO Procedure Generation for Industries

Oil and Gas Software
Oil and Gas

LOTO safety as one step towards a comprehensive culture of safety and accountability.

Environmental Health and Safety Software
Environmental Health and Safety

Make LOTO simple so no one in your org is ever tempted to skip a step.

Construction Management Software

Use a pre-built loto permit form or build your own loto template for maximum efficiency.

LOTO Procedures with LOTO+

Enhance Lockout Tagout Procedure record keeping reliability and risk mitigation with the SBN software platform. Capture procedures offline and document unexpected energy sources easily and effectively.

For full coverage and support of your workers filing procedures in the field, LOTO+ has you covered.

Click below to learn about the other ways LOTO+ can improve your LOTO procedure auditing processes.