Asset Management Software

Level up your mobile inventory management and effortlessly track assets at the push of a button.

From chemical assets to spare chairs and everything in between, SBN Asset+ offers you a web based inventory management system to easily track the condition of your inventory. We provide the information you need dive deeper for any of your accountability and efficiency needs.

Push Button Reconciliation

Reconcile hundreds of historical records with on the ground information and provide detailed insights into inventory.

Improve data accuracy and create a direct pipeline of information from the team member out in the field to the inventory manager back in the office.

Reconcile assets online or offline, at the push of a button, and update records on the server when ready.

Track What’s Most Valuable

Easily customizable fields and templates allow you to track exactly the type of asset you’re concerned about.

Make fields required to ensure the most detailed record keeping.

Capture custom fields for your assets and create detailed templates to document the data that is most important to you.

No WiFi? No Problem

Reconcile, create, and edit assets offline on your mobile device while out in the field, and save them to our online inventory management system when you get a connection later.

Back in the office, review results online to analyze data trends, assign ownership of assets, and create follow-up action items.

Capture asset reconciliations offline

Why Use Asset+?

Looking for asset tracking software that fits your needs precisely? Whether you’re dealing with disposable assets like chemicals or equipment like forklifts and fire extinguishers, our highly customizable tool lets you capture exactly the data you need most with inspectors in the field. With minimal training, you can send non-technical inspectors out to capture results real-time, identify and update corrective actions, and generate reports all with just their mobile device.

Build on your current processes and improve efficiency with our inventory database software by adding barcodes to assets so users can scan them in seconds or use our web portal to run trend analysis, and identify corrective actions before they become red flags. With the push of a button manage user access, generate comprehensive reports, schedule activity, and more. Whether you’re dealing with hundreds of assets at one location or hundreds of thousands spread across the country, our easily scalable solution has you covered.

Mobile photo capture allows easy documentation and identification of assets

Customizable permissions allow you total control over what information a user can view and edit

Clone individual records to save time and energy on adding new assets into the system

Push button search tools allow you to filter by field and drill into specific assets instantly

Use simple web dashboards to keep track of the information that matters to you most

Distribute ownership over specific assets at the push of a button to drive ownership and accountability

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