Near Miss Reporting Form

Improve near miss reports and workplace safety in one fell swoop. Capture better data faster.

Incident and near miss management can be a complex operation. You want to capture information on near misses in the moment, but the long term goal in near miss analysis is to make work conditions safer. SBN offers a comprehensive solution to both problems at once.

Safety Coverage

Field conditions always vary and we know just because there might not be an internet connection, work doesn’t stop. So, we set out to create a near miss app that works online and offline.

Build reports on your mobile device in the field, save and send reports back in the office.

File Near Miss cases in the field, on mobile or from your computer

Detailed Reporting

Make photo capture, gathering signatures, collecting timestamps, and any other piece of data a breeze.

Workers can even mark-up photos or create their own diagrams to ensure the first time through a report is the last time you need to ask questions.

Capture all kinds of data pertaining to Near Miss cases, even signatures

Time is Money

Generate PDFs or export CSV files in seconds. Our goal is to provide report writing software that does the work for you.

Generating one off reports is as simple as pushing a button; year-end reviews are as easy as selecting the data you want to analyze.

Near Miss reporting made simple

We know the real goal in near miss management is keeping people safe. At SBN, we’ve built near miss reporting software with the end goal in mind from day one. Improve and expand on your current near miss reporting procedure to decrease the time spent checking boxes and get to corrective actions more quickly.

Whether you’re working with an OSHA near miss form or just looking to improve your current near miss report format, we would love to go above and beyond in making your workplace safer.

Near Miss for Industries

Oil and Gas Software
Oil and Gas

Select a pre-built near miss template or create your own to fit your needs.

Environmental Health and Safety Software
Environmental Health and Safety

Safety compliance and corrective actions tracking has never been this easy.

Construction Management Software

More detailed near miss reports done faster so you can get back to work.

Near Miss Reporting with Inspect+

Document individual near-miss incidents or generate reports on year-long historical incident data with the SBN software platform.

More than just a near miss reporting app, Inspect+ is ready to custom fit your workflow.

Click below to learn about our web based reporting system and how it can improve you near miss reporting procedure.