Government & Public Sector

Government software solutions to digitize and monitor critical operations.

Harness the power of SBN to streamline your legacy inspection, lockout tagout and ergonomic assessment processes as you build your very own Smart Cities.

Ramp up quickly

SBN is quick to configure and deploy. Our straightforward approach to software makes it easy to get large teams up and running quickly.

Our web and mobile applications are designed to be easy to use and require minimal training while still providing robust capability for advanced users.

Rapidly configure and deploy an easy-to-use solution for your governmental compliance needs. Select from preset checklists or build your own.

Simple solutions to age old problems

We build our mobile applications to handle every use case, so you can file inspections, assign corrective actions and more from any job site–regardless of internet connection.

Capture images and create follow-up remediation items on the spot to streamline your workflow.

Capture and annotate photos to meet federal or state requirements for data reporting.

Do things your way

Want to do a 10 question fire extinguisher inspection or custom tailor the PPE in your lockout tagout procedure? Not a problem.

We offer many safety checklists and LOTO procedures out of the box but we know you’ll probably want to build your own to fit your specific needs.

Configure checklists, evaluations and lockout tagout procedures to report on compliance efforts exactly as required by state or federal regulations.

Planning For Everything

As the world modernizes, we know you face increasing pressure to improve processes on a shoestring budget. SBN’s Government software solutions help you utilize Smart City Technology while making sure no one gets left behind in the transition.

Compliant asset management software in the public sector can be hard to find, office ergonomic solutions can be expensive, we built our tools to minimize required training while making sure we have all the functionality you need to build Smart Cities with safety and accountability in mind.

Safety front and center

Safety professionals are often responsible for a wide range of areas with a small core team.

Set automated reminders for upcoming compliance or remediation activities to drive business wide awareness around key safety activities.

Automate tasks and make compliance efforts more reliable by preventing missed inspections.

Data analytics made simple

Our reporting software allows you to easily generate reports and dashboards on almost any piece of data in SBN.

Customize dashboards and automate reports–the data you need is a button click away.

View data in dashboards and reports, generated on the fly. Adhere to public sector regulations on privacy or comprehensiveness as required.

Reporting just got easier

Need to revisit a specific site inspection? Print a new copy in seconds. Need to report on an entire year’s worth of inspections? We can do that too.

SBN reporting allows you to export everything from PDF’s to CSV’s and generate automated emails to save you time and effort where it matters most.

Generate reports on a variety of data, all at the push of a button. Make inter-department delays a thing of the past!

Save Time. Do More. Keep it Simple.