Asset Management Software

Mobile Asset Management Solutions

Most organizations have assets that they want to track.  With today’s mobile devices and SBN’s mobile asset management solutions, it is easier than ever.  It is essentially a two step process.  The first step is using the data asset management applications.  A program manager can identify which assets they want to track.  The second step is employees carrying hand-held devices into the field to scan assets to verify the asset is present and in the correct location.

Our Digital Asset Management Applications

Our data asset management applications also allows organizations to set the  frequency with which they want to reconcile their assets.  SBN’s digital asset management is also scalable to other mobile solutions.  Organizations can use the same mobile asset management solutions for assets, inspections, audits, field procedures, and any other activity which requires observations from the field.

Simple But Needed provides digital asset management and data asset management applications for iPods, iPhones and Androids.

Learn how our mobile asset management solutions can help.

Input data using mobile devices

Using our powerful mobile inspection software, leverage the power of mobile devices to conduct inspections on a large scale. Inspections can capture not only text but also rich media and potentially submit the data in real-time.

Store your data in the cloud

Safeguard inspection data collected on mobile devices by storing it in the cloud. This will ensure that other applications in the company infrastructure can also potentially use the inspection data, thus enabling tight integration of internal company services.

Manage inspection data remotely

Our inspection management software enables company administrators to view collected data and apply corrections or trigger actions as necessary. Integrated inspection report functionality allows administrators to escalate or deliver data as needed.