Product Description

SBN Asset enables your team to use mobile devices (phones and tablets) to manage either disposable assets (e.g. chemicals) or equipment assets (e.g. fire extinguishers or forklifts).

Use our solution to add, update, inspect, or maintain your assets directly in your field of operations. The solution works on or offline, and is designed such that non-technical team members can easily use the tool.

Precisely manage your assets using standard barcodes or QR codes if needed, detailed audit trail on all asset activity for tracking, geo-tags, and rich-media asset profiles. Capture results real-time, identify and update corrective actions, and generate reports while in the field.

The SBN Web Portal (accessed via web browser) allows your team to centrally manage all asset activity generated by in-field mobile users real-time. The secured web portal also allows teams to manage and update all identified corrective actions, generate comprehensive reports, and run trend analysis via interactive dashboards.

Your system administrators can use the web tool to centrally configure and update your asset profiles, manage user access, schedule activity, and more.


  • Customers report a 75% increase in asset tracking efficiency and 30% improved asset data accuracy
  • On-demand, real-time access to asset status, maintenance history, and other critical information
  • Push button reports for compliance, e.g. CERS, Fire Marshall reports, internal/external audits

How It Works

How SBN's Mobile Apps Work with the Cloud