How Able Services Utilize the SBN Platform to Ensure Worker Safety


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The Challenge

With more than 20,000 employees, an operating coverage of more than one billion square feet across the United States, and over 90 years of experience, Able Services knows the challenges of managing facilities better than anyone. As providers of cleaning, management and maintenance solutions for a wide range of real estate across the country they have long known the engineering and safety hurdles involved with providing valuable work-life experiences to their clients. 

With such a huge breadth of coverage, Able Services needed a safety inspection solution that would match their various documentation needs while staying lightweight enough to integrate seamlessly with their daily process. Where safety is concerned, quality of data translates to a richness in insights while quantity of data ensures no stone is left unturned. Compromising on either aspect may result in gaps in coverage which is never acceptable where your working family is concerned. 

The Strategy

When we began exploring a partnership with Able Services, we knew that several key components of the SBN Platform would be critical to address their previous pain points: a rapid rollout was crucial to ensure consistency in coverage but employee adoption would be the largest hurdle towards improving safety insights and increasing actions taken in the field.

Our inspection tool was a perfect fit, offering the flexibility to load over 2,700 locations and launch directly into a national rollout. This flexibility would also be critical towards addressing the wide variety of safety use cases Able Services faces while providing janitorial services as well as engineering maintenance to HVAC, plumbing, and lighting systems across the country. 

“Before migrating to Simple But Needed’s platform, Able Services had already tried a few applications for mobile inspection software. SBN Inspect+ was quickly adopted by our staff, conducting detailed inspections in the field to promote the health and safety of our worksites. After it’s rollout, Able saw higher usage numbers than ever before due to the ease of use and smooth transition.”

Mark Brenneman

Mark Brenneman

ASP | Senior Program Safety Manager

The Outcome

Given the flexibility of the SBN tool and the intuitive flow of the mobile application, Able Services teams were able to quickly and seamlessly incorporate SBN Inspections into their daily process. This translates into broad safety coverage and increased visibility into key safety metrics.

Today Able Services utilizes the SBN Inspection tool to conduct inspections and verify proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), fire safety, hazard communication, use of tools, machine covers, waste storage and more. Since they had already launched with SBN prior to the Covid-19 pandemic they were also well prepared to adjust and launch training checklists to document new training and protocols implemented as best practices continued to develop. 

At a time where other companies struggled to put programs in place, Able Services simply added checklists into their library to ensure managers were able to maximize time spent on site. With this new solution implemented, staff could take mere minutes to verify PPE was stocked, hand sanitizing stations were installed, and additional signs were properly placed to accommodate new safety protocols. This saved hours of training and implementation time as their safety solution was already flexible enough to handle the rapidly changing demands around workplace safety training and documentation.

SBN is proud to have the opportunity to partner with Able Services in making buildings cleaner, safer and more sustainable for the people that work inside them. 

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