Ergonomic Evaluation

Product Description

SBN Ergo enables your team to use mobile devices (phones and tablets) to complete comprehensive ergonomic assessments on-site, capture measurements and rich media details, and generate a detailed report that includes ergonomic evaluation and recommendation information.

Ergonomic evaluation and recommendation information is powered by algorithms developed by veteran Ergonomic specialists at Ouch Safety, Inc.

Use the tool to capture rich media assessment results real-time, and identify ergonomic recommendations while on-site. The solution works on or offline, and is designed such that non-technical team members can easily use the tool.

The SBN Web Portal allows your team to centrally see all results coming in from mobile users real-time. The secured web portal also allows teams to manage and update all identified corrective actions, generate comprehensive reports, and run trend analysis via interactive dashboards. Your system administrators can use the web tool to centrally manage user access, and more.


  • Customers report 80% more efficient on-site ergonomic assessments that are high-quality, at significantly reduced cost compared to ergonomic consultant site visits.
  • The solution is designed to identify ergonomic risks and minimize “work days lost.”
  • Enhanced visibility across your operations in order to better manage risk and compliance, e.g. OSHA

How It Works

How SBN's Mobile Apps Work with the Cloud