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What are the different question types?

In SBN, each question has a question type which governs what sort of answer is allowed. The different question types and allowable answers are listed below:

Question Type NameAllowable Answer
TextA single line text input field
Text AreaLarger text input field allowing paragraphs
IntegerOnly accepts whole numbers
DecimalAccepts any numeric value
BooleanTrue or False
DatetimeCaptures a date plus the time
DateCaptures only a date, no time
TallyA counter gadget that only accepts whole numbers
List: Single Select*Choose a single answer from a list of user defined answers
List: Multi Select*Choose a multiple answers from a list of user defined answers
PhotoTake a photo as the answer
SignatureCapture a signature

* List: Single Select and List: Multi Select allow the user the create and manage their own list of answer choices. These answer choices can be whatever the end user like and can be modified directly by an administrator.

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