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What is a scheduled inspection and how do I know if I have any assigned?

Inspections can be scheduled to run at regular intervals by system administrators or power users. For example, monthly building inspections can be preset to generate at a desired frequency or daily vehicle inspections can be assigned each day.

When setting up a scheduled inspection, an optional notification can be set which will send an email with a direct link to the record.

Administrators can alternately configure the system to send a single email with all scheduled inspections.

To manually check for scheduled inspections in the web portal:

  • Log in to the web portal
  • Navigate to Inspection > Results > Inspection > Incomplete
  • Filter for your user underneath the owner field
  • Filter for inspections with a due date within the desired range and hit Search

To manually check for scheduled inspections in the mobile app::

  • Open the app
  • From the Launch Pad, click the “Tasks” button

The above will retrieve all scheduled inspections which have a status of due and a due date in the future.

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