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What are the different modules?

SBN currently has 4 modules:


Used to capture data such OSHA 300 forms, incident tracking, safety observations, safety walkthroughs, facility inspections, laboratory inspections, and many, many more.
The Inspect module is fully configurable and can handle digitizing almost any inspection.


Used to track assets and chemical inventory, inspect those assets, and track remediation items.
The asset module allows for capturing custom fields and data on any asset type.


Used to capture data on procedures such as Lockout Tagout, SOPs, confined pace, hot work permitting, and many more.
The LOTO module is fully configurable and can digitize the creation and usage of any type of procedures.


Used for assessments by seasoned ergonomists as well as by self-assessments by employees.
The Ergo module handles ergonomic assessments for office as well as industrial settings.

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