Hotel Management

Online Hotel Management Software

Running a successful hotel requires many things.  One of these things is a well functioning facility, with heating and cooling that works.  Another of these things is a service staff that turns around rooms quickly and effectively.  Another of these things is simple efficiency.  SBN offers mobile hotel management applications which can help a hotel in all of these areas.  Unlike traditional online hotel management software, SBN’s hotel management solutions use the power of mobile technology.  

Our hotel management solutions allow hotel managers to schedule and manage building maintenance activities.  They can also be configured for use by service staff turning hotel rooms.  They can instantly reconcile sales items that patrons have consumed as well as identify what fresh supplies are needed in a given room.

Use Our Mobile Hotel Management Applications

Using SBN’s online hotel management software is easy.  Using mobile smart devices, employees can quickly find appropriate checklists, pull it up, and complete it all while in the field.  They can even take and incorporate photos.  The data is instantly uploaded and stored electronically.  This is useful for both the hotel engineering/maintenance staff and room service staff.  Don’t take our word for it.  SBN can arrange for pilot project that allow organizations see first-hand the value of SBN’s solutions.

Simple But Needed builds online hotel management software for iPods, iPhones and Androids.

Pain Points

  • Tracking status of guest rooms, and inventory
  • Quickly and easily locating hotel staff
  • Worker safety support tools
  • Property compliance inspections costly, e.g. OSHA
  • Accurate updates between hotel and office
  • Records are paper-based and inconsistent

SBN Solution

  • Mobile technology for real-time tracking of rooms
  • Geo-location, barcode or RFID tracking of team or items
  • Automated emergency protocols for injured staff
  • Capture formatted data, photos, video, notes, e-signatures
  • Extensive built-in checklist for room inspections


  • Real-time tracking of room status
  • Drastically improve communication between guest rooms & office
  • Improved ability to respond to guest room issues
  • Avoid compliance penalties through improved inspections
  • Lower operations and training costs