Real Estate Property Inspections

Real Estate Property Inspection Software For Mobile Devices

Preparing a site for sale?  Inspecting it for occupation?  SBN’s real estate property inspection software is designed to help property managers and real estate agents with all of their inspection needs.  Simply configure your home inspection software using our administrator’s desktop tool to generate the inspection form you want.  Then, with your mobile smart device, access the inspection checklist and use it to electronically document the inspection. 

Home Inspection Report Software For iOS and Android

Run reports using the embedded home inspection report software.  As soon as you are done with an inspection, you can run this report to see everything this is as it should be and everything that needs to be addressed.  You can also take photos along the way and embed them in the report.   The home inspection software is scalable from a single home to a multi-unit apartment to a high-rise.  In either case, you can still generate a report on the spot as you are leaving the unit or units inspected.

Simple But Needed builds real estate property inspection software for Androids, iPods, and iPhones.
Simple But Needed builds home inspection software for Androids, iPods, and iPhones.

Learn how our real estate property inspection report software works.
Learn how our home inspection report software works.

Pain Points

  • Inspections are paper-based and inconsistent
  • No real-time item audit history on-site
  • Poor tracking of overdue or missed items adds risk
  • Difficult to capture integrated rich media data
  • Comprehensive property reports are costly to build

SBN Solution

  • Our mobile technology provides superior data capture
  • Real-time access to item inspection history
  • In-field reminders of overdue or missed items
  • Capture formatted data, photos, video, e-signatures, notes
  • Extensive built-in checklist library, e.g. OSHA, NIOSH, FEMA
  • Build-your-own checklists


  • More thorough inspections lowers property damage risk
  • Drastically improves the richness and quality of data
  • Streamline operational cost of maintaining property
  • Decreased inspection training costs through ease-of-use
  • Quicker resolution of property deficiencies noted in the field
  • Real-time reports of property status to central office