Restaurants & Food Service

Restaurant Management Software System

Simple But Needed has created a restaurant management software system that is centered on mobile applications and mobile devices.  A business can use mobile devices and SBN’s system to collect and submit customer orders, monitor inventories and complete different inspections.  Our system is comprised of our restaurant table management that are used to document orders and our mobile food service application that helps with inventory management and inspections.

What is Restaurant Table Management?

Restaurant table management helps keep wait staff where the customers want them, out on the restaurant floor.  Using SBN’s restaurant table management solutions, orders can be taken directly on a mobile device, with the information instantly communicated to kitchen staff or bar staff who can begin working on the order.

How Our Mobile Food Service Applications Help

Efficiency is perhaps the greatest advantage of our mobile food service applications.  Employees can work smarter and more efficiently with SBN’s mobile solutions.  Data is captured electronically “in the field” eliminating extra steps where hand-written information needs to be transcribed back at the computer.  It can also help streamline processes and help keep inspections and inventory checks on track.

Simple But Needed builds restaurant management software systems for Androids, iPods, and iPhones.
We also build mobile food service applications for Androids, iPods, and iPhones.
Benefit from using mobile software to help with restaurant table management.

Pain Points

  • Providing consistent high-quality customer service and experience
  • Poor inventory management leads to spoilage or supply shortages
  • Inspections to meet health standards are inconsistent and difficult to document

SBN Solution

  • Utilize mobile technology to “wow” customers with innovative experience while increasing service consistency
  • Real-time inventory tracking of supplies in use
  • Automated reminders of expiration dates and supplies that require replenishment
  • Built-in Health Department, USDA, OSHA checklists that capture rich media data
  • Capture rich inspection records on-the-spot, including checklist data, photos, etc


  • Enhanced and unique customer experience
  • Lower operational cost through improved inventory
  • Improved inspection quality & avoid citations