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How do I create an asset?

From the Main Menu:

  • Click ‘Add New
  • Select to create an asset from a ‘Category’ or a ‘Pre-filled Template’

Note that creating from a Category will present a blank asset where any desired field must be filled in. Creating from a template allows you to link an asset to an existing template so that any values on the template will start out populated in your new asset. Templates need to be created by administrators, but can save time by preventing duplicative data entry. Also, when an asset is created from a template, future updates to the template will also be applied to any assets created from the template thus easily ensuring that assets stay up to date.

See further discussion on asset categories here

  • After selecting either a category or template, fill in desired asset values and click ‘Save’ once complete

Note: Required fields are marked in red and must be completed in order to create an asset

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