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How do I perform a reconciliation?

Perform a reconciliation

To perform a reconciliation:

  • From the Main Menu, select Reconciliations > By Location
  • Navigate to the location to be reconciled and then click the ‘Select’ button next to the location name
  • A list of the asset that the system has recorded for that location will display on the screen
  • Click ‘Reconciliation’ to start reconciling the location

On the reconciliation screen, there are 4 tabs:

Tab NameDescription
OpenOpen contains any initial assets recorded by the system. This is the starting point and represents what the system thinks exists in the location before the reconciliation is performed
MatchedAny assets that are found as part of the reconciliation, are created in the location, are not found but are ignored, or are moved into the location are listed on the Matched tab. The Matched tab represents what the location inventory will be set to once the reconciliation is complete
OtherAssets which are not found as part of the reconciliation and are disposed or moved out of the location are listed on the Other tab. The Other tab represent records which the system currently has in the location but that are going to be removed from the location when the reconciliation is completed
AllThe All tab is the entirety of all assets associated with the reconciliation. This includes a full list of all assets on the Open, Matched, and Other tab along with the current status of each asset


Available actions on the reconciliation screen include:

Match an asset via barcode scan:
  • Click ‘Scan’ to scan a barcode on the asset. 
  • If the asset exists, the record will automatically be moved from the Open to Matched tabs
  • If the record does not exist, then the system will prompt you to create a new asset record
Match an asset manually:
  • On the Open tab, tap the word ‘Open’
  • This will move the asset over to the Matched tab

Note: To move an asset from Matched back to Open, navigate to Matched and tap on Matched which will send the record back to Open

Add a new asset
  • Click the ‘Add’ button
  • Select whether to create from a category or a template. See further discussion on the difference between creating an asset from a category or template here
  • After filling in desired information click ‘Save’

Note that the newly created asset will show on the Matched tab

Dispose of an asset
  • Click the dispose icon next to the asset on the Open screen
  • Alternately, you can click the check box next to multiple assets and click the ‘Dispose’ button in order to mass dispose of assets
Move an asset to another location
  • Click the right arrow next to an asset name to go to the asset detail screen
  • Modify the location or any other piece of asset data to update the record
  • Alternately, check the box next to an asset on the Open tab, select ‘Move Out’, and select a new location
Ignore an asset

Note: Ignoring an asset will leave it in the inventory for a given location; however, typically the ignore function is used when an asset is not found, but the person performing the reconciliation wants to leave the asset in the location. This might be because the asset was only temporarily move or it may not be there due to other extenuating circumstances.

  • Click the ‘Ignore’ icon next to the asset on the Open tab
  • Alternately, check the box next to an asset on the Open tab and select ‘Ignore’
Clone an asset
  • For assets added as part of the reconciliation, there is clone functionality
  • Select the newly created asset
  • Click the ‘Clone’ button and confirm when prompted if you would like to continue.