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What is an exception, note or photo?

For each question, there may be an option to add a note, photo, or exception. These additional pieces of information can be turned on or off for each question by an administrator, so may not be available for every question.

The detail of each additional piece of information is listed below:

Additional InformationDescription
NoteA supplemental piece of text information associated with a question. A note will be included in any report output but will not create a follow-up action item
PhotoA supplemental image which will be included in any report output but is not part of any follow-up item
ExceptionExceptions represent follow-up items arising from inspections.These are sometimes called remediation items, corrective actions, work order, or various other names. The general idea is that if an issue is found which requires follow-up during an inspection, an exception should be created. Exceptions can be assigned an owner, given a due date, and have photos included which document the issue. Exceptions are added to a separate list for tracking and remediation.

See further discussion of exceptions here.

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