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How do I download and install the mobile apps?

To Download and Install

SBN comprises multiple modules that can be accessed either via the web or mobile app. The primary benefit to using SBN on a mobile app is that you are able to take better advantage of mobile device functionality such as online/offline capability, rich media capture (e.g. photos), voice dictation, geotagging, etc. The mobile devices are designed for Android and iOS specifically with tablet and phone usage in mind.

To download a mobile app for iOS or Android:

  • Determine which module you are using
  • Go to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store
  • Search for the app associated with your desired module (see search term to use below)
ModuleSearch for…
InspectSBN Inspect+
AssetSBN Asset+
Lockout TagoutSBN LOTO+
ErgonomicsSBN Ergo
  • Download the app

To Log In

Open the app after downloading and take the following steps to log in:

  • Click ‘Sign In as an Existing User’
  • Enter the domain for your company. If you do not remember your domain, click on the ‘Forgot Domain?’ button and enter your email address. This will trigger an email from support@simplebutneeded.net with your domain and username information
  • Click ‘Go’ after entering your domain
  • Enter your username and password

You can retrieve your username following these steps.

You can reset your password following these steps.

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