California levies large fines against employers over Cal/OSHA 3205 Safety Violations

Cal-OSHA 3205 Safety Violations

California levies large fines against employers over COVID safety violations

California levies large fines against employers over Cal/OSHA 3205 Safety Violations

February 18th, 2021 – Cal/OSHA has recently started to actively issue costly fines as high as $400,000+ to Employers that are in violation of COVID-19 Safety standards.

Nearly all California Employers regardless of industry type are now required to implement multiple safety controls and processes to protect their Employees and Workplaces from COVID related risk. Many Employers are struggling to meet these newly mandated regulatory standards. 

Cal/OSHA has provided a summary of the new requirements, along with a definition of which companies are not required to follow the new safety regulations.

Simple But Needed (SBN) has developed a comprehensive software package that Employers in California can launch same day, company-wide. The toolkit enables staff and other team members to use mobile devices and computers to comply with the recently updated Cal/OSHA Section 3205 COVID-19 safety standards along with the ability to track and manage identified hazards, controls, and corrective actions. 

SBN is the provider of an industry-leading safety and risk management software platform designed to optimize inspections, fire-life-safety asset tracking, corrective action management, lockout-tagout (LOTO), chemical container management, ergonomic evaluations, safe work permits, and other critical operations.

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