Recommendations Drive Consistency

Use Recommendations to Drive Consistency in Data Capture

Drive quality insights and reduce human error in the field with recommendations.

In a previous post we covered the ins and outs of utilizing classifications to automatically tag data and drive better insights for executing trend analysis reports. At the same time, we know from years of industry experience that the only way to improve data capture is to make tools that save time for the folks on the ground. 

Introducing Recommendations

Recommendations are a key part of our solution towards allowing your team in the field to cover more ground in less time without sacrificing the quality of data captured. At their core, recommendations are pre-generated text for your most common situations but they’re so much more than that. 

How it Works

Say for example you’re an EHS professional trying to drive better insights into the state of the facilities in your region. You do some research and conclude that Gemba walks are a great way to get your site managers more involved in making active safety observations at their specific locations. You pilot a program and at your first check-in meeting the feedback you get indicates that while your team is making great safety observations, executing these walkthroughs is time consuming and resource draining: team members are constantly stopping to write down notes and it takes a long time to write notes that will be useful back in the office. However this check-in also reveals that many team members have made similar observations in regards to their individual sites’ fire safety plans and obstacles placed on critical emergency exit routes. 

Recommendations tackle both of these critical observations head on: by checking in with your team, you’re able to identify the most common pieces of feedback and enter them into the SBN system as recommendations associated with your Gemba checklists. This way instead of losing valuable time in the field, your site managers can select pre-written text from a list of possible recommendations and even select multiple recommendations at once to increase the amount of data captured per observation. 

A Unified Approach

At SBN we’re always looking for ways to improve the data available to you in the office, but we know that driving adoption of a new feature is only possible if that feature saves time and energy for your team out in the field. Recommendations bring the two together, allowing your team to capture more data in less time while also ensuring a new standard of data richness. No more empty, unspecific notes jotted down in a safety report: with recommendations you’re able to set the standard for what goes into a report. 

As an added bonus, recommendations can be associated with classifications so while your team is utilizing them to save time, they’re also automatically tagging the data you need to run your reports. 

As always, we’re excited to continue looking for ways to level up your inspection process: from facility to office we’re going to do what we can to make life easy for your whole team.