Safety Spotlight: Lockout Tagout

SBN Leverages Technology to Help Prevent Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) Related Incidents

Safety is not just about OSHA compliance, learn how LOTO procedures can improve your osha compliance practices.

It should come as no surprise that powerful machinery is central to the modern workplace’s efficiency. Whether you’re working with cranes on a construction site or running a factory, machinery makes it possible to achieve incredible feats. Now for the average worker these machines have safety systems which make them relatively safe to interact with and operate, but for those who need to start, stop, or maintain these machines, there are a whole slew of other potential hazards that come into play. 

Lockout tagout procedures are a way of documenting all of the necessary steps that go into interacting with potentially dangerous machinery and making sure nothing unexpected happens along the way. According to Cal/OSHA: “Failure to lockout, tag-out, and block-out (LOTO) machinery before working on it is a major cause of serious injuries and deaths. Workers can be electrocuted, suffer severe crushing injuries, and lose fingers, hands, and arms because machinery is inadvertently turned on while it is being cleaned, repaired, serviced, set-up, adjusted, or unjammed.”

Given the severity of LOTO related incidents, we here at SBN spent several years working closely with safety professionals, industry experts, engineers and others to build a comprehensive software LOTO package that enables your team to use mobile devices in the field and a powerful backend to build exactly the custom LOTO procedures you need to keep your team safe. Our LOTO procedure solution is: 

Photo Rich:

  • Use phones to create equipment LOTO Procedures
  • Take photos of the scene in real time
  • Include help photos to make expectations exceptionally clear

Easy to Use: 

  • Leverage Photo Markup to emphasize important details
  • Utilize barcodes and make inventory management clearer
  • Geotag jobsite data automatically


  • Automated Audit Trail makes tracking easy
  • Review process and report generation is push button simple

To read more about LOTO procedure generation click here. Our solution is built to be equipment specific to maximize your protection against human error and protect any team tasked to work with machinery and hazardous energy sources.