Scanning from A-Z

Announcing our integration with Zebra – a market leader.

Our integration with Zebra gives users everything they need to implement an end-to-end inventory tracking program.

At Simple But Needed we’re all about building software that’s easy to use for every type of user and we know our clients are coming to us with every prior experience under the sun. For some that means their entire inventory is already labeled with barcodes and for others a process like that just feels too bulky. Wherever you’re starting from and wherever you’re going, our mission is to be right there with you finding opportunities to save time and improving the process every step of the way. 

That’s why we’re so excited to announce our integration with Zebra which brings the power of a barcode generator and on demand printing into our already comprehensive inventory management system. No matter what your current inventory tracking program looks like today, with Zebra by our side we’re set up and ready to handle your current process and help take it to the next level. 

We’ve always let users scan barcodes to track and inspect their assets. Now with Zebra’s help we also support dynamic barcode generation which allows you to type your own barcodes to fit whatever tracking scheme you’ve used in the past and print them out to add them to assets anywhere. We know efficiency is often maintained by simplicity, so rather than maintaining your own barcode printing system separate from SBN, we’re happy to offer this service as just one more way of streamlining your process.

Scanning barcodes can save workers everywhere hours a day as they review inventory and inspect assets. Here at SBN we’re so excited about the additional time saving benefits this integration with Zebra brings and already looking for more opportunities to save you time in the future.