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How do I create or edit an exception related to an asset?

To create or edit an exception:

  • Log into SBN Asset+.
    See instructions for accessing mobile apps here
  • Find the desired asset by using either ID Scan or Form Search.
    See instructions on how to search in mobile here
  • Select the desired asset
  • Click the Exceptions tab
Create a new exception
  • Click the Create New Exception for Asset button
  • Fill in desired information
  • Click ‘Submit’
Edit and exception
  • Click one of the exceptions states [Open, In Progress, Closed, Deferred] to see the exceptions associated with the selected asset

Note if you see a zero next to Open, In Progress, Closed, or Deferred, it means there are not exceptions in that state for the selected asset

  • One the list of exceptions by status is displayed, select the exception to edit
  • Make updates and click ‘Submit’
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